fundinfo expands its market presence in Europe

fundinfo has acquired Paris based KiidLine a service provider specializing in the distribution of fund information in France.

With the acquisition of KiidLine the company has now become a key player for the dissemination of fund information with a local and international network to connect fund houses and fund distributors. KiidLine’s founder, Christophe Bossi, who has worked in the investment industry for several years will take on the role of Sales Director France based in Paris from 1st November 2015.

By this expansion, fundinfo will be in a better position to develop services for the French market and offer existing clients further support.


PureGroup POD’s and Ratings now on the fundinfo platform

fundinfo and PureGroup have entered into cooperation and we now publish, as an additional service, PureGroup’s PODs (Pure Overview Documents) and Forward Perspective Ratings for the UK fund market on

Using their Forward Perspective Model, PureGroup provides a range of forward-looking information around a fund’s current sensitivity to macro-economic factors and its expected future performance.

By publishing PureGroup’s PODs we offer our customers additional transparency and help investors becoming better informed.

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Investment Navigator AG launches public information platform is an open web-based information platform which supports authorized financial intermediaries when advising on funds and ETFs. It efficiently provides regulatory, tax related and product information for the Swiss and cross-border markets

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Automated fund document exchange with F2C

To uphold the necessary quality of the services and to ensure correctness of publication and dissemination, we pursues a primary source policy and accept original fund documents only directly from fund providers or producers of fund documents.

As an alternative, fund providers are able to transmit original fund documents through selected service providers (“Paperboy Approved Partners”), provided that the Partner complies at any time with the high quality standard set by fundinfo.

We are pleased to announce that F2C, located in Luxembourg, has met the technical requirements and has become Paperboy Approved Partner for automated document delivery.

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Fitch’s Fund Quality Rating Research available on the fundinfo platform

fundinfo today announced that Fitch’s Fund Quality ratings for all rated funds are now available on the platform

Customers and users of will have access to Fitch’s fund ratings and full rating reports. The rating reports allows fund investors to objectively compare funds’ investment philosophies and processes, resources and track records, in order to make informed investment decisions.

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Cooperation with the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong

The Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong (IFPHK) signed an agreement with fundinfo in Asia in May 2012.


Fundinfo and Finesti launch joint KIID dissemination and notification services

Press Release Fundinfo and Finesti, March 2012

Finesti and fundinfo have announced that they are combining their respective expertise in investment fund data and documents to offer services intended to facilitate cross-border notifications and the dissemination of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs).


fundinfo und ebase arbeiten im Bereich Fondsmanager-Videos zusammen

Medienmitteilung Zusammenarbeit mit ebase, Februar 2012

Wir freuen uns, hiermit die Einbindung der von in Zusammenarbeit mit den beteiligten KAGs produzierten Fondsmanager-Videos in die ebase-Plattform anzukündigen. Bei den Videos handelt es sich um inhaltlich standardisierte Video-Beiträge, die dem Anleger in maximal 5 Minuten einen Überblick des entsprechenden Produkts vermitteln.


IMAS and LIA announce Partnership with fundinfo

The Investment Management Association of Singapore (“IMAS”) and the Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) signed a Letter of Intent on 1st December 2011 with fundinfo in Asia.


fundinfo launches new KIID Dissemination Service

Press Release New KIID Dissemination Service, October 2011

fundinfo is proud to announce the launch of its new platform for KIID Dissemination