Fund manager videos available in Singapore! now hosts the latest fund manager videos! In addition to fund documents and data, it is now also possible to learn about the fund directly from the fund managers themselves.


fundinfo Videos Now Available on Credit Suisse Fund Lab


Great news from The videos produced by fundinfo are now also available at


Choosing a Catchy Jingle

Rock or chill-out music? A serious fund presentation can still include a bit of atmosphere. However, we were not looking for a medley of electronic sounds crafted by a DJ but something that would still get the young-at-heart sixty-somethings tapping along to the music when they clicked on a video: something modern, melodious, groovy and rhythmic packed into just six seconds – just no catchy tune reminiscent of the jingle of a renowned telecom company.


投資目標及成果 – Investment objective and achievement

There is no single Chinese language: in Singapore, traditional Chinese is understood but is not a national language; In Hong Kong it is a national language, although Cantonese is spoken; The language spoken in China is Mandarin, although it is not written. In addition, the Taiwanese use different hieroglyphs altogether. Anyone seeking an insight into the Asian region is immediately faced with the next challenge, namely that of interpreting the characters.


Did You Miss the Event Forum?

The annual Aberdeen or Allianz events are well worth attending. However, if you missed the impressive guest speakers and their statements, you can now catch up by watching the video. Fundinfo now also offers event coverage and produces entertaining interviews and image videos  employing professional camera operators – you’ll even catch a few laughs as well as women power in the auditorium.

more Videos Are Proving Popular

fundinfo conducted an opinion poll among its video customers this past November. Overall, we received positive feedback on our video standard, which is proving popular with our customers. Video portraits are shown by customers for approximately 12 months, while video updates are shown for a shorter period of around six months. Unless customers request deactivation, their video clips will remain online.


First portrait video for ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) are typically managed passively and are therefore associated with fees that are lower than those of actively managed funds. ETF managers seek to construct a portfolio that replicates a benchmark index.


300th video milestone reached: has its finger on the pulse of the renminbi

After London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich, the film crew of is now shooting in Hong Kong, the financial heart of Asia, too. With local experts on the spot, we are able to shoot a video clip within 30 to 60 minutes. The clapper board is ready for the 300th video production from  the 27th floor of the ICBC tower with its view of the skyline – ready to take the pulse of the renminbi.


Transparency through Translation

All videos on and are translated and have German or English subtitles. To view the subtitles, simply click on “Select Subtitles”. Subtitles may be added in additional languages such as French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese, making your video clips accessible for investment consultancy and sales activities across Europe and Asia.

more Reaches 200 Videos

Last week, the video by Anne Sophie Girault on the Aviva Investors Emerging Market Debt Strategy Fund was the 200th video to be uploaded to, marking another milestone since the launch of 15 months ago. The website currently features videos by 40 fund providers. Additional new videos featuring fund managers from ING Investment Managers, Fidelity, Bellevue Asset Management and Ignis Asset Management are almost ready.