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fundinfo helps fund providers by providing access to all their original documents—from monthly factsheets through to Key Investor Information Documents—saving them time and money: fundinfo archives, publishes and distributes all documents to a wide circle of prospective professional and private investors throughout Europe and Asia. Furthermore, fundinfo is recognized by various financial market supervisory authorities as an electronic publication platform for fund prices, tax data and announcements to investors.

The platform is an ideal advertising space and a highly effective distribution channel for funds and fund documents as fundinfo addresses the same target group as that of fund providers, i.e. fund analysts, pension fund managers, fund of funds managers, portfolio managers, client advisers at banks, advanced private investors and journalists. fundinfo homes in on your target clients very efficiently.

All participating fund providers receive access to detailed statistics regarding use of the platform via an individual user account. These statistics provide information about which funds, documents or investment categories are being sought by users at any given time.

With AdRankings, fund providers have the possibility to increase their visibility further. AdRankings are the only form of advertising available on The top positions for each investment category may be booked through AdRankings to highlight funds that are required to stand out from a range of funds and to market them actively. In addition, five randomly selected AdRanking funds will be featured prominently on our home page.

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For greater visibility, fundinfo offers fund providers the opportunity to produce videos in which their fund managers can present their funds and publish the videos on as well as on numerous platforms of media and business partners

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Fund Document Dissemination in Europe and Asia

Fundinfo operates the platform for fund providers who wish to disseminate their KIIDs and other documents to their distribution partners throughout Europe and Asia. This platform offers active dispatch management via distribution lists and includes a compliance tracking tool.

Pricing available on request. is a comprehensive platform for the publication of data, information and analyses relating to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Europe and Asia. It enables ETF providers to efficiently target private and professional ETF investors, making it an ideal advertising platform. It also provides raw data to the platforms of ETF distributors, saving issuers time and money on data dispatching.

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