trendscout news issue 7

07. September 2016

trendscout – now with analysis by investor domicile

The latest version of trendscout enables drilldown of fund demand according to investor domicile. This is in contrast to other sources that focus only on fund flow by fund domiciles.

The latest analysis by trendscout has revealed that within Multi-Assets funds, the Nordea 1 - Stable Return Fund has been hugely successful this year. With European investors, it reached its highest penetration in Spain where most recently the fund accounted for 28% of all documents views on Multi-Assets funds.

The fund has also attracted high levels of attention from Swiss and German investors. While peaking in Europe, interest from Singapore based investors has only recently taken off: 45% of document views from Singapore investors go to the Nordea fund - and the trend is still rising.

trendscout news 7 image


Nordea 1 – Stable Return Fund: % penetration over 1 year within selected investor domiciles based on the universe of Multi-Assets funds

Other trendscout highlights

  • Interest in infrastructure funds from Partners Group and Morgan Stanley is rising
  • ETFs experience a continuous rise in attention driven by equity products
  • M&G Global Emerging Markets sees rising demand within big Swiss banks

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World
  • Equity World Emerging Markets
  • Bond Emerging Markets External Debt

Categories losing attention

  • Bond Euro High Yield
  • Bond Euro Short and Mid Term
  • Equity Market Neutral

Funds gaining attention

  • M&G Global Emerging Markets
  • PIMCO Funds GIS plc - Global Investment Grade Credit
  • Pictet - Global Emerging Debt
  • Invesco Zodiac Funds - Invesco US Senior Loan
  • Goldman Sachs F. SICAV - Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio

View our trendscout tutorial video

trendscout is a self-service fund analytics web application licensed by fundinfo. It measures fund interest based on online views of our 18+ million fund documents database. For a quick introduction to the features and benefits of trendscout, click on the following link to view a tutorial video:


With trendscout, you can:

  • Identify the source of interest in your funds based on investor domicile or sales channel
  • Analyse the results of your marketing activities by region
  • Compare the interest in your funds with each other, or with your competitor’s funds
  • Examine the interest in individual funds or fund categories over time

For additional details, visit the trendscout website, or download the flyer.