Trendscout news issue 12

14. März 2017

Rising demand for bond funds driven by high yield and PIMCO GIS Income fund and by Asian investors

Despite rising stock markets, the attention of investors is much more on bond funds than on equity funds.

The views share of bond funds has been rising for quite some time at the expense of equity funds, asset allocation funds and liquid alternatives. Attention is very much concentrated in the equity-sensitive high yield category with interest in World high yield trending up since last summer, EUR high yield since November, and USD high yield since early 2017.

Biggest winners in World high yield are M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield within Swiss big banks and Invesco US Senior Loan which is by far the market leader in loans in Asia.

Allianz US Short Duration High Income Bond is a newcomer in USD high yield attracting a lot of interest in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.

Most recently also World aggregate has had a good run. However, this has been predominantly driven by PIMCO Funds GIS plc – Income being very popular in Asia and most pronounced within local Asian channels.

% share in document downloads over 1 year from all categories within European and Asian sales channels

Other trendscout highlights

  • Interest in passive funds saw its all-time high in January and is continuing to fall
  • Attention for ETFS Robotics and Automation GO UCITS ETF has been on the rise for some time and may even accelerate after the recent soft-closure of Pictet Robotics
  • Collapse in interest for Russian equity funds

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity Technology
  • Bond World High Yield
  • Bond EUR High Yield

Categories losing attention

  • Equity Infrastructure & Industrials
  • Equity Health Care
  • Equity USA

Funds gaining attention

  • Pictet – Robotics
  • Pimco GIS Income
  • M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund
  • M&G Optimal Income
  • Muzinich Enhancedyield Short-Term Fund

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