Trendscout news issue 17 - GEM equity funds in high demand

15. Februar 2018

GEM equity funds in high demand

Notably some actively managed GEM equity funds have gained increasing attention from investors

Demand for funds for GEM has risen sharply over the last three months. For the first time, more than 4.5% of all document downloads from over 100 distribution channels fall into this category. Demand is rising particularly strongly among French investors but Asian, Spanish, Swiss and German investors also showed markedly increased interest.

While the share of passive products stabilized at the very high value of 60% of downloads, some active funds pushed themselves into the foreground: For French investors, documents of the Hermes and Comgest funds were particularly strongly in demand. Asian investors were interested in the funds of M&G and UBS, Spaniards focused on the Nordea Emerging Stars fund, Swiss investors preferred M&G, Hermes and RWC and also in Germany RWC was in trend.

Document downloads for GEM equity funds as a percent of all downloads over 1 year within European and Asian sales channels

Other trendscout highlights

  • Concerning China's equities, funds with a focus on A-Shares like BlackRock BGF - China A-Share Opportunities Fund are particularly popular
  • Recent market jitters caused a renewed demand for volatility products like Lyxor S&P 500 VIX Futures Enhanced Roll UCITS ETF
  • In view of strong economic figures, demand for inflation-protected funds also increases

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World Emerging Markets
  • Bond Emerging Markets, Local Debt
  • Equity China

Categories losing attention

  • Bond World Aggregate
  • Bond World High Yield
  • Bond EUR Short & Mid Term

Funds gaining attention

  • GAM Multibond - Local Emerging Bond
  • BlackRock BGF - Asian Growth Leaders
  • db x-trackers MSCI Wld. In. UCITS ETF
  • Polar Capital Funds PLC - Global Technology
  • M&G Global Emerging Markets Fund

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