Trendscout news issue 22 - Technology – shifts from robotics into digital economy

27. Juli 2018

Technology – shifts from robotics into digital economy

Overall, we have seen a further increase in interest in technology in recent weeks, with simultaneous rotation in the investment themes.

Increased interest in technology investments is reflected, for example, in the demand for LYXOR MSCI World Information Technology UCITS ETF or Xtrackers MSCI World Information Technology UCITS ETF.

But we also see a shift from the hardware-heavy topic of robotics & automation to the strongly software- and network effects-oriented topics of the digital economy. This may have some connection with the soft-closure of the industry leader Pictet Robotics last fall, but corresponding funds from L&G, iShares or Credit Suisse have also lost market shares.

On the other hand, funds focusing on the digital economy are currently popular. AXA Framlington Digital Economy, for example, benefits from the high demand from one of the Swiss big banks particularly for investors domiciled in Switzerland and Italy. Cyber security is a central aspect of the digital economy: The L&G Cyber Security UCITS ETF sees increased interest less from banks than via public platforms with searches from investors from various countries such as Italy, Germany, Switzerland or the UK.

Document downloads for funds in the Technology equity sector shown in percent of all downloads for this peer group over 1 year within European and Asian sales channels. 

Other trendscout highlights

  • 10 out of the 10 most popular emerging markets funds have seen a decline in views share in recent weeks.
  • Sharply rising interest in Capital Group New Perspective driven by global and European-focused financial institutions for investors domiciled in Spain, Switzerland and many other markets.
  • Funds with a focus on clean energy clearly dominate interest in the energy sector with RobecoSAM Smart Energy Fund benefiting from the sharply rising demand from global financial institutions.

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World
  • Equity Technology
  • Equity Health Care

Categories losing attention

  • Equity Germany
  • Equity Eurozone
  • Equity World Emerging Markets

Funds gaining attention

  • MIV Global Medtech Fund
  • Capital Group New Perspective
  • PIMCO Global Bond
  • Allianz GIF - Income and Growth
  • First State Dividend Advantage Fund

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