Trendscout news final issue – Fixed income absolute return out of favour

22. März 2019

Trendscout news final issue – Fixed income absolute return out of favour

Weak performance figures and the closure of the GAM absolute return bond funds are adversely affecting demand in the fixed income absolute return category.
Only about 0.65% of all document downloads are accounted for by Fixed Income Absolute Return / Relative Value category. This corresponds to a decline of around 45% compared with the summer of 2017.
BlackRock BGF - Fixed Income Global Opportunities slightly expanded its leading position mainly thanks to investors based in Switzerland and Singapore. Goldman Sachs F. SICAV - Global Strategic Macro Bond PF, however, fell from second place in the summer of 2017 to sixth place in the rankings as a result of subdued demand out of Switzerland, Italy, and Singapore. On the other hand, the still young DNCA Invest Alpha Bonds fund was able to stimulate a remarkable interest primarily amongst investors based in France, Spain, and Belgium.

Share in document downloads over 18 months for investors domiciled in Europe and Asia

Other Trendscout highlights

  • There is increased interest in GBP money market funds from investors outside the UK.
  • Axa Framlington UK Select Opportunities is attracting a great deal of interest from investors in the UK and Switzerland via a global financial institution.
  • The overall most sought-after fund iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF continues to gain views share, especially in Germany and the Netherlands.

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World Emerging Markets
  • Equity United Kingdom
  • Bonds World Aggregate

Categories losing attention

  • Equity USA
  • Equity Switzerland
  • Equity Germany

Funds gaining attention

  • Pimco Income
  • MIV Global Medtech
  • Fidelity Asian High Yield
  • Alliance Bernstein American Income Portfolio

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