Trendscout news issue 27 - A first: interest in passive funds exceeds that of active funds

28. Januar 2019

For the first time, interest in passive funds exceeds that of active funds

In recent weeks, European investors have downloaded more fund documents for passive funds than for active funds, while demand in Asia remained marginal.

The rapid turnaround in the markets since the beginning of the year may have prompted investors to seek, above all, passive products that can be invested in quickly. If this trend continues, however, it could be another indication that investors are turning away from active funds after a weak relative performance in 2018 when only 23% of Europe managers and 25% of US managers, as well as only 21% of emerging markets managers outperformed their benchmarks net of fees (see fundinfo Research News, January 2019).

Demand is currently focused primarily on global equities ETFs, followed by emerging market equities ETFs. High income and property ETFs also record gains.

Document downloads for active versus passive funds over 1 year for investors domiciled in Europe

Other Trendscout highlights

  • Interest in the Pimco Income Fund is growing thanks to demand from Asia, the UK, Spain and Italy via Asian and global financial institutions.
  • When investors look at German or Swiss equities, the focus is on high dividend ETFs and funds.
  • Robeco QI Global Dynamic Duration is strongly pushed for Belgian investors.

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World
  • Equity World Emerging Markets
  • Equity Germany

Categories losing attention

  • Equity Technology
  • Equity Health Care
  • Bonds World Aggregate

Funds gaining attention

  • iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF
  • Xtrackers MSCI World UCITS ETF
  • Vanguard FTSE All World UCITS ETF
  • iShares (DE) I - STOXX Global Select Div. 100 UCITS ETF

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