Trendscout news issue 28 – Mixed results for big mergers

22. Februar 2019

Trendscout news – Mixed results for big mergers

We have experienced three major mergers of fund houses in recent years. However, only one succeeded in attracting more interest for its fund range.

Janus & Henderson announced their merger in October 2016, followed by Amundi & Pioneer in December and Aberdeen & Standard Life in March 2017.

If we only look at the active funds for the sake of comparison, only Amundi & Pioneer was able to increase its document views share by about 20%. Aberdeen & Standard Life lost about 20% (red and green line) while Janus & Henderson's views share roughly halved.

Amundi & Pioneer recorded growth above all in public channels and banks with a focus on Switzerland and rest of Europe, but less so in Global Financial Institutions. Janus & Henderson particularly lost at Global Financial Institutions as a result of slumps in interest for its Pan European and Euroland equity funds, while the views share at Swiss banks excluding global players even expanded. Aberdeen & Standard Life lost some ground within all channels.

Document downloads for active funds over 18 months for investors domiciled in Europe and Asia

Other Trendscout highlights

  • High yield bonds funds have attracted increased attention in recent weeks most notably driven by interest for funds from Fidelity, Nordea and UBAM.
  • Amundi MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF climbs to 2nd rank within its peer group particularly thanks to demand from Germany and Italy.
  • Legg Mason funds gain views share thanks to interest from public platforms in Italy and the UK.

Categories gaining attention

  • Equity World Emerging Markets
  • Bonds Emerging Markets, External Debt
  • Bonds World Aggregate

Categories losing attention

  • Equity USA
  • Equity Europe
  • Equity Technology

Funds gaining attention

  • Pimco Income
  • Amundi MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF
  • Templeton Global Total Return
  • Ashmore EM Short Duration
  • iShares Dev. Markets Property Yield UCITS ETF

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