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fundinfo has started a blog

October 19, 2011 | Front | News |

If you are wondering “haven’t they anything else to be getting on with?”, don’t worry: we asked ourselves the same question at first—until we noticed just how often we found ourselves answering the same questions from our clients and partners over and over again, sending documents back and forth and omitting to communicate interesting information concerning our day-to-day business.

On our blog, we will post news from all areas of fundinfo’s activities (videos, documents, KIIDs etc.) as well as collect and provide frequently requested information such as instructions for our partners on how to integrate our videos and documents, or information on KIID metadata. Now and again, we will write something about ourselves or about how we spend our time when we are not blogging.

As in many things in life, the first step is often the hardest. Therefore, as fledgling bloggers, we kindly ask for your understanding and look forward to receiving your suggestions, comments and perhaps even a good word or two. That’s all for now….watch this space!