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The Tallest Office Building in the World Is in…

November 08, 2011 | Front | News |

Up until a week ago, we didn’t know the answer. Thanks to the Lipper Expert Forum Asia that took place in Taiwan’s capital Taipei last week, we now know.

With 101 floors, the Teipei Financial Center (better known as Teipei 101) is officially the tallest office building in the world and, after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the second tallest accessible building in the world.

As well as tall office buildings, Taiwan offers a highly developed fund market. Virtually all large international asset management companies have offices in Taiwan and have registered at least part of their product range for sale in the country (at the end of 2010, the number of foreign funds there was 850). After Singapore and Hong Kong, Taiwan is the third largest fund market in Asia in terms of the number of foreign funds and the volume of assets invested.

Whether this will be enough for it to be added as a new market on will be decided in the coming meetings with fund providers and fund buyers in Taiwan. Follow our blog and stay tuned!