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投資目標及成果 - Investment objective and achievement

September 23, 2013 | Front | News | Platform | Video |

There is no single Chinese language: in Singapore, traditional Chinese is understood but is not a national language; In Hong Kong it is a national language, although Cantonese is spoken; The language spoken in China is Mandarin, although it is not written. In addition, the Taiwanese use different hieroglyphs altogether. Anyone seeking an insight into the Asian region is immediately faced with the next challenge, namely that of interpreting the characters.

The team sweated blood when it received its first video commission for Chinese. How do you go about checking a translation? Which characters go where in a video when adding subtitles? The production process required a small extra step. The web programme needed upgrading: the programme did not include Chinese. Our production partners were alerted. The client should not perceive any problem. In editing the video, all the text was placed in a carefully considered way, and the client showed great patience. If a symbol was out of place, it was carefully and respectfully moved.

The result speaks for itself: Investec is the first client with three videos subtitled in traditional Chinese. Users signed in as “professional investors in Switzerland” can watch the three videos. All one has to do is select the correct language…


Written language: simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese
Spoken language: Mandarin

Written language: traditional Chinese
Spoken language: Cantonese (dialect)

Written language: traditional Chinese
Spoken language: Mandarin

V.R. China:
Written language: simplified Chinese
Spoken language: Mandarin