Social Media Videos Are Proving Popular

January 03, 2013 | Front | News | Video |

fundinfo conducted an opinion poll among its video customers this past November. Overall, we received positive feedback on our video standard, which is proving popular with our customers. Video portraits are shown by customers for approximately 12 months, while video updates are shown for a shorter period of around six months. Unless customers request deactivation, their video clips will remain online.

New features such as the use of a teleprompter is not appreciated by all customers as some feel that it makes the presentations less spontaneous and increases production costs. However, the fact that we are experimenting a little more with different camera angles and eye contact to make the interviewee appear more relaxed is generally welcomed. We have taken this suggestion on board and would like to encourage you to become actively involved in the New Year. We intend to maintain the current thematic structure and the list of presentations in the video. Not all fund providers exploit the possibility of integrating the videos in their various marketing tools such as newsletters, mailings and live presentations or on their own corporate website. The fundinfo video team is happy to assist you in this area if you have any questions or would like some ideas or other input.