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Choosing a Catchy Jingle

January 22, 2014 | Front | News | Video |

Rock or chill-out music? A serious fund presentation can still include a bit of atmosphere. However, we were not looking for a medley of electronic sounds crafted by a DJ but something that would still get the young-at-heart sixty-somethings tapping along to the music when they clicked on a video: something modern, melodious, groovy and rhythmic packed into just six seconds – just no catchy tune reminiscent of the jingle of a renowned telecom Company.

Swiss composer and musician Hanspeter Krüsi ( presented us with thirteen captivating jingle tunes. The spectrum of different sounds took two days to produce, with styles ranging from funky lounge and cinematic to disco: the choice was not an easy one. The jingle that we eventually chose for fundinfo’s video presentation is “cinematic lounge”, which we hope will create a pleasant mood that inspires all Viewers.