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Four prominent new clients sign-up for trendscout

May 13, 2016 | Company | Businesspartner | Front | News | etfinfo |

We are pleased to provide our fund demand analytics service “trendscout” to four new, industry-leading Clients: Bellevue Asset Management, T. Rowe Price, RWC Partners and RobecoSAM.

As fundinfo’s “Google Analytics” of the investment fund universe, trendscout monitors investor access to our 17+ million fund documents. In doing so, it can analyse and display an endless combination of revealing fund statistics. Some example questions that can be answered by trendscout;

  • Which funds are generating the most interest, and through which sales channel?
  • What is the interest level of German, Austrian and Swiss investors in world emerging markets? What is the trend over the past year?
  • How interested are investors domiciled in Italy and Spain in Equity World Funds through European channels?
  • What are the top five Equity Funds Gold Mines, and how much interest is there in my fund versus my competitors?

Licensing trendscout gives you the power to answer important questions about how much and where your funds are gaining investor's interest, and whether your marketing efforts are delivering results. Contact for more information or a demonstration.