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fundinfo is the first platform to publish quarterly financial reports for funds approved by HK regulators under the MRF

August 18, 2016 | Company | Businesspartner | etfinfo | KIID | News | Platform |

One year after China and Hong Kong agreed to the “Mutual Recognition of Funds” (“MRF”), fundinfo has become the most comprehensive information platform for both “Northbound” and “Southbound” funds.

The latest enhancement includes the publication of “quarterly financial reports” for southbound approved funds on in addition to existing marketing and offering documents in English and Chinese where available.

fundinfo’s online library of up-to-date fund documents now includes all funds approved by Hong Kong’s regulator, the SFC, as well as all funds approved by China’s regulator CSRC.

  • Southbound funds are available on (select “Hong Kong Professional Investor”, go to Advanced Search, select domicile “China” and press the search button)
  • Northbound funds are available on fundinfo’s dedicated landing page (available upon request)

Contact fundinfo for further details.