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Hong Kong and Switzerland to mutually recognise funds

December 12, 2016 | Front | News | etfinfo |

In an exciting development for fund houses in Hong Kong and Switzerland, the Hong Kong SFC and Swiss FINMA have signed a memorandum of understanding which paves the way for mutual recognition of each other’s mutual funds and ETFs. This will give fund distributors and investors in both countries easy access to a large selection of new investment opportunities.

To facilitate fast time-to-market, fundinfo already provides fund publication and dissemination services in Hong Kong and Switzerland. fundinfo’s network in Switzerland covers a wide range of wealth managers, especially the well-known private banks. With a few mouse clicks, investors can access fund documents, data, prices, fees and ratings for thousands of mutual funds and ETFs available in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore.

fundinfo also provides a very cost-efficient solution to fulfill FINMA’s publication requirements for foreign (i.e. Hong Kong domiciled funds) funds authorised for sale in Switzerland. To learn more about these specific publication requirements and how fundinfo can help, please get in touch with your local fundinfo sales person or contact fundinfo for details about publishing and disseminating your cross-border fund information in Hong Kong and Switzerland on