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trendscout – attention shifts towards gold

March 23, 2016 | Company | Businesspartner | etfinfo |

Excerpt March 2016: investor interest shifts from technology and healthcare to gold mines and gold ETFs

According to trendscout, investors domiciled in Europe and Asia are shifting their attention in regards to sector allocation. While Technology and Health Care had attracted a lot of interest for quite some time, the tide has recently turned. Health Care has been losing steam since last fall, and Technology has corrected from its year-end rally.  Investor’s focus is now shifting towards depressed cyclical sectors like Gold Mining and even towards Physical Gold ETFs:

% share in fund document downloads over 1 year within all funds,
including European and Asian sales channels.

Other trendscout highlights

- iShares Core and Comstage drive interest for Equity World
- Imminent departure of Rajiv Jain lifts attention for his Vontobel funds
- JPMorgan Global Bond Fund with rising attention out of Hong Kong

Categories gaining attention

- Equity World
- Flexible Allocation
- Equity Gold Mining

Categories losing attention

- Equity Europe
- Equity Japan
- Fixed Income Relative Value

Funds gaining attention

- Nordea Stable Return
- JPMorgan Global Macro Opportunities Fund
- Old Mutual Global Equity Absolute Return Fund
- ZKB Gold ETF
- BGF World Gold Fund

What is trendscout?

trendscout is a service offered by fundinfo that measures fund interest based on online views of our 16+ million fund documents database. With trendscout, you can discover the latest industry trends and interests of investors from around the world:

- Identify sector and investor trends to support product launches and strategic decisions
- Monitor the effectiveness of your sales & marketing efforts
- Benchmark investor’s attention as compared to your competitors
- Find out what regions and sales channels generate the most activity

If you are interested in additional information, visit the trendscout website, or download the Flyer.