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Asian Private Banker magazine publishes weekly article based on Trendscout

January 20, 2017 | Statistics | News | Mediapartner | Press | Front | Businesspartner |

Asset managers are not the only ones benefiting from fundinfo’s fund analytics tool “Trendscout”. Financial media can use trendscout to publish revealing trends about developments in the Asian, European or country-specific fund markets.

One such media partner is Hong Kong based “Asian Private Banker” who now publishes a weekly article focusing on Asian investment trends as they happen. An example of a recently published article can be accessed here. In addition to examining incremental changes in investor interest on a per-category basis, a precise ranking of the most interesting funds can be generated, and macro trends identified such as an overall shift from passive to active funds.

This perspective on fund markets is unique to Trendscout; no similar tool is available on the market. For more examples about what Trendscout can do for the financial media, read our recent Trendscout newsletter.