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Customise your fund information with fundinfo’s “self-service” Data Feed

July 05, 2017 | etfinfo | Front | News | Platform |

Our new self-service Data Feed gives fund distributors and fund platforms direct and efficient access to high-quality, tailor-made fund data for thousands of funds from a single reliable online source. Simply visit our Data Feed portal at, register for an account, and configure your feed directly from the fundinfo cloud. Licensed users may choose from 90’000+ share classes, 500+ fund houses, and over 200 fields.Click here to view the 5-minute introductory video.

                                                                          Self-Service Data Feed

A free Data Feed version is also available for evaluation purposes allowing you to access fund data from fund houses that are clients of fundinfo’s data dissemination service.

The automated data feed is configured via a web dashboard and accessed through a simple API allowing easy integration with your existing systems. Our Data Feed is fully compliant with openfunds, the international standard for fund data characterisation. Prefer your fund data in Excel format? We also provide a Data Feed Excel-Powerquery that connects directly to your ISIN list to make your data quickly accessible and easy to work with.

Don’t hesitate, contact fundinfo or register at to get your cost-free evaluation account today!