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fundinfo is working intensively with the industry in preparation for MiFID II

April 10, 2017 | Company | Businesspartner | etfinfo | Front | News | Platform |

The deadline for implementing the new MiFID II regulation set for January 3rd, 2018 is fast approaching. With it come requirements for new processes that will increase administrative work and the complexity of data exchange. To prepare for what will prove to be a game changing set of new regulations, fundinfo is working closely with the industry (e.g. associations and consultants as well as manufacturers and distributors) to ensure our services are compatible and address these new requirements from day one. We’ll focus on doing what fundinfo does best and has been doing for over 10 years, namely finding efficiencies in the distribution, collection and management of fund related information.

Our Data Dissemination and Data Feed services will be enhanced to include target market and cost breakdown data using the industry driven openfunds data format. In so doing, a central hub will be created for MiFID II related content facilitating the exchange of business critical information across all market participants and reducing errors to the benefit of all parties.

In parallel to MiFID II, we are closely examining the regulatory and technical standards concerning PRIIPs KID to ensure these requirements are also met at the same time. Come January 2018, fundinfo’s services will help you address both sets of regulations via its dissemination and feed services.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.