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fundinfo’s “Data Feed Powerquery” sends customised fund data straight to an Excel spreadsheet

November 22, 2017 | etfinfo | Front | News | Platform |

Data Feed Powerquery is a cost free add-on to fundinfo’s Self-Service Data Feed. Based on a pre-configured Excel workbook which can be placed on any desktop in your organisation, it directly accesses an API to fundinfo’s comprehensive cloud database of thousands of funds from over 500 fund houses. For each fund, over 350 data fields are available including MiFID II, Target Market, PRIIPs plus all other static data fields such as ISIN, Fund Group Name, Umbrella name, Fund Currency, Fund Domicile, etc. All data conforms to the openfunds standard for the characterisation of investment funds (

What’s even more useful: you select the funds, share classes and data fields you want to receive via a simple, self-service interface. For more details about how to download and use fundinfo’s Data Feed Powerquery tool, watch the short tutorial video which includes links to the tool and user guide.

Please contact our team to learn more about this new tool.