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Funds Society magazine taps Trendscout to reveal investor trends in Spain and Latin America

March 15, 2017 | Platform | Mediapartner | News | Press | Front | etfinfo |

Spain and Florida-based “Funds Society” magazine is a media partner of fundinfo that focuses on investment fund news for Spanish-speaking countries. Available in both Spanish and English, Funds Society now publishes a monthly article which reveals real-time investor trends about funds distributed in Spanish speaking regions.

By tapping into fundinfo’s online fund analytics tool “Trendscout”, Funds Society can now publish articles on a wide range of topics including changes in investor interest on a per-category basis, a precise ranking of the most interesting funds, and macro trends such as an overall shift from passive to active funds.

Trendscout charts worldwide industry trends and investor interest by monitoring investor activity on fundinfo’s web platform With Trendscout, asset managers identify sector and investor trends to support product launches and strategic decisions, or monitor the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts. Financial media use trendscout to publish revealing trends about the latest developments in country-specific fund markets.

For more examples about what Trendscout can do for the financial media, read our recent Trendscout newsletter.