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Trendscout news issue 16 - Attention shifts from Indian to Chinese equities

July 20, 2017 | Platform | News | Front | etfinfo |

Trendscout is a unique fund analysis tool that reveals international trends in investor interest based on online views of 20+ million fundinfo documents hosted on fundinfo’s online database. The Trendscout newsletter reports interesting trends in investor interest on a monthly basis.

In the July issue of Trendscout News, Trendscout reveals that mainly Asian-based investors have shown an increased interest in Chinese equity funds. As a result, UBS (Lux) Equity Fund - China Opportunity has attracted increasing attention from investors based in Asia, as well as via sales channels such as UBS and local Asian banks.

JPMorgan China Income Fund, which is domiciled in Hong Kong, experienced an upswing thanks to interest generated through local Asian banks. Read more about current fund trends here.