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fundinfo partners with Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse partners with fundinfo for fund data management

October 18, 2018 | Company | Businesspartner | Press | News |

We are very happy to announce that Credit Suisse’s investment product platform Credit Suisse InvestLab AG has joined forces with fundinfo to collect and source centralized data from asset managers. Credit Suisse and fundinfo are both founding members of openfunds (, a non-profit association that provides a global standard for the efficient and automated exchange of fund data. Thanks to the partnership with fundinfo, Credit Suisse InvestLab can provide its clients with complete and accurate static data needed for fund distribution, including MiFID II and PRIIPs data.

We are very proud to be Credit Suisse InvestLab’s preferred partner for the collection and delivery of fund data. As Credit Suisse and fundinfo actively use and support openfunds, all fund providers are kindly requested to provide fundinfo with their static fund data in the openfunds standard.

For more information regarding the Credit Suisse InvestLab AG and fundinfo partnership, please read our press release.