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fundinfo’s Digital-Advisor: new features and service packages for professional fund selectors

June 05, 2018 | Company | News | Businesspartner | Front | Platform |

We are pleased to announce new features and service packages for our Digital-Advisor expert system for fund selection (find all details here):

All three packages give you now access to fund presentations and standard DDQs provided by fund houses, allow you to rate and comment funds, see the audit trail of all your rating changes and generate real-time fund reports which are based on machine-generated text as well as your optional ratings and comments. Of course, all your information entries are treated confidentially and according to GDPR.

The cost-free Digital-Advisor "Standard" is our recommended package for smaller IFAs and allows fund selectors to find the best funds for specific needs, or check current holdings in a restricted “sponsored” fund universe (currently more than 60 fund houses).

"Advanced" is the preferred choice for larger IFAs or small/medium-sized banks that want to find the best funds out of fundinfo’s full universe (20’000 funds), and to thoroughly manage their fund research process.

"Premium" is our ultimate solution for banks, fund supermarkets or robo-advisors who require customised fund universes, report designs, multilingual content or API access.

With the paid packages "Advanced" and "Premium" you can provide independent advice in unprecedented quality based on access to fundinfo’s full universe of 20,000+ funds from 800+ fund houses. 3,000+ of these funds are covered with full due diligence data. For a 2-minute video overview of fundinfo’s Digital-Advisor, click here, or download the flyer here.

Register now for a free trial access here.