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New Dynamic Data Dissemination Service from fundinfo enables worldwide distribution of daily fund prices

February 20, 2019 | Company | etfinfo | Front | News | Platform |

Even today, fund prices (NAV) are often distributed by email. This method is error-prone, and the management of distribution lists time-consuming and expensive. With fundinfo’s new, fully automated Dynamic Data Dissemination Service, your daily fund prices are distributed quickly and timely

With just a single delivery of your dynamic fund data to fundinfo, you can be confident that the distribution of your daily fund prices to your distributors, investors, data vendors as well as the media is successfully completed. Updates take place every 2 hours; as a result, delays in the provisioning of NAVs and their obligatory release deadlines are reduced to an absolute minimum.

To facilitate data integrity, our experienced data team subjects your data to systematic quality control. If there is missing or incorrect data, you will receive immediate feedback so that you can correct your data as well as identify the source of the error. This ensures that your fund data is consistent, correct and always complete.

Ideally, you should use dynamic data dissemination in combination with our static data dissemination service to ensure that your business partners and investors always have access to a complete and up-to date set of your fund data.

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