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Research News - December 2018 All Active Fund Managers were behind benchmark in November fundinfo Research News - November 2018 Emerging market managers outrival Europe and US managers in October fundinfo Research News - October 2018 Europe managers significantly underperformed in September fundinfo Research News - September 2018 Europe managers significantly outperformed in August fundinfo Research News - August 2018 Active managers were significantly behind benchmark in July fundinfo Research News - July 2018 Performance of Europe managers in June behind benchmark fundinfo Research News - June 2018 Europe managers strongly outperformed in May fundinfo Research News - May 2018 Rebound of value stocks in April hurt emerging market managers fundinfo Research News April 2018 Active managers in all regions showed average results in March fundinfo Research News March 2018 Active managers in all regions showed very good results Research News February 2018 How many funds within a peer group are ahead of benchmark? Research News January 2018 Active managers outperformed in 2017 gross of fees Research News December 2017 Emerging market managers outperformed in November Research News November 2017 Emerging market managers underperformed in October Research News October 2017 US managers beat their benchmarks in September due to the strong performance of small caps Research News September 2017 Homogeneous sector and style performance in August makes it difficult to outperform Research News August 2017 Europe managers achieved the highest outperformance ration in July Research News July 2017 US managers achieved the highest outperformance ratio in June Research News June 2017 Active managers delivered rather poor results in May.