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December 23, 2015

Absolute Return Fixed Income – major shifts underway

BSF Fixed Income Strategies’ strong gain in awareness is still continuing and is spread across all sales channels (not shown here). BGF Fixed Income Global Opportunities has recently lost some of its great momentum. Goldman Sachs F. - Global Strategic Inc. Bond continues its downward trend with a plunge within certain channels while JB Multibond - Absolute Return has stabilized at a third of views share vs year ago.

Absolute Return Fixed Income – major shifts underway

Other trends to watch

  • Great momentum for Pimco within Global Aggregate
  • Huge rise in document downloads for Swiss equity fund precedes hard closure
  • DWS Concept Kaldemorgen attracts awareness in Spain
  • Rise in demand for high dividend stalls in Asia

Winning Categories -- Loosing Categories

1. Bond World, Aggregate


1. Equity China

2. Multi Strategy


2. Equity Asia/Pacific, ex Japan

3. Equity L/S, Europe


3. Bond World, High Yield

Share change within last 13 weeks

Winning Funds

1. Pimco GIS - Income Fund

2. FTIF - Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies

3. Nordea 1 - Stable Return Fund

4. T. Rowe Price Funds - US Large Cap Growth Equities

5. BSF Fixed Income Strategies Fund

Share change within last 13 weeks

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