fundinfo Newsletter No. 37 - MiFID II / PRIIPs Special Edition

July 25, 2017

MiFID II compliant “Data Dissemination” and “Data Feed” services from fundinfo

A Challenge to the Fund Industry: How to Exchange MiFID II Compliant Data?

MiFID II comes into force on January 3rd, 2018. This EU Directive 2004/39 /EC provides new regulation for investment services across the 31 countries of the European Economic Area. Compliance with MiFID II requirements, especially in terms of the exchange of fund data, drastically increases the technical and administrative effort for all parties.

As the deadline approaches, fundinfo has been working closely with the fund industry to address these issues head-on with an end-to-end solution.

Two new services are now available from fundinfo

For Fund Houses

Our “Data Dissemination” service enables fund houses to deliver fund data in a single batch to the fundinfo cloud. We ensure that your data is delivered to your clients and distribution partners around the world via our self-service Data Feed (see below) in a normalised and quality assured format. To meet the new “Target Market” requirements, you may either send us your own Target Market data, or let fundinfo generate Target Market data for you automatically based on our own in-house research.

For Fund Distributors

Our new self-service “Data Feed” portal provides efficient access to client-tailored, high-quality fund data. The service includes static data, costs, and from August 21st, 2017 onwards, Target Market data allowing fund distributors and fund platforms to meet MiFID II and -PRIIPs requirements efficiently with an “off-the-shelf” solution.

Data Feed: your personal portal to customised fund data

Our self-service Data Feed gives Fund Distributors and Fund Platforms direct and efficient access to high-quality, tailor-made fund data for thousands of funds from a single reliable online source. 

Simply visit our Data Feed portal at, register for an account, and configure your feed directly from the fundinfo cloud. Licensed users may choose from 90'000+ share classes, 500+ fund houses, and over 200 fields. A cost-free version is available which provides access to data from fund houses that are clients of fundinfo's Data Dissemination service.

Benefits of fundinfo's new Self-Service Data Feed

  • Direct access to a reliable and single source of high-quality fund data compliant with openfunds, the international standard for fund data characterisation.
  • Includes MiFID II compliant Target Market and PRIIPs compliant data (as of August 21st 2017).
  • High-quality data: we only accept data exclusively and directly from fund houses.
  • Our in-house data team adds an additional layer of quality control, ensuring that all fund data is consistent, accurate and complete.
  • Simple, intuitive web-based dashboard allows you to customise your feed.
  • The fully automated feed is configured through a web-based dashboard and accessed through a simple API interface allowing easy integration into your existing systems.  
  • Cost free Powerquery solution allows you to download your feed data directly to an Excel worksheet.
  • Data from fund houses that have booked fundinfo’s Data Dissemination service are available to all registered users of Self-Service Data Feed free of charge.

Learn more about fundinfo's Data Feed in our video

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