Trendscout news issue 13

April 13, 2017

Robotics equity funds continue to see high interest

All robotics funds achieved a high level of investor interest. The buzzword “robotics” sells particularly well in Southern Europe while Asia lags.

Pictet Robotics remains in high demand despite its soft-closure. This fund achieves its highest penetration within Global Financial Institutions and with investors domiciled in Southern Europe, Switzerland, France and UK. Demand from Asia has been picking up slowly.

The ETFS ROBO ETF can also profit from this hype around the robotics buzzword. It achieves its highest attention within public channels active in Italy, Switzerland and Germany, most likely used by IFAs and private investors.

Some of the more traditional technology funds, e.g. the ones managed by Polar or Fidelity, also experienced increased interest while other peers faced decreasing interest.

Trendscout Graphic Apr. 2017

% share in document downloads over 1 year from all equity categories within European and Asian sales channels

Other trendscout highlights

  • Fund houses about to be merged like Henderson-Janus, Aberdeen-Standard Life and Amundi-Pioneer are all confronted with a downturn in investor interest
  • Appetite for gold ETF from Swiss investors is waning
  • French investors show interest in leveraged exposure to French equities

Categories gaining attention

  • Bond World Aggregate
  • Equity Technology
  • Bond USD High Yield

Categories losing attention

  • Equity World
  • Equity USA
  • Equity Russia

Funds gaining attention

  • Pimco GIS Income
  • Pictet – Robotics
  • GAM Star Credit Opportunities
  • Jupiter Dynamic Bond
  • M&G Optimal Income

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