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Whether you work for a fund house or fund distributor, or you are a private or retail investor, you may take immediate advantage of our fund and ETF platforms free of charge. Simply click on fundinfo or etfinfo and start browsing the world's largest database of fund documents, data, ratings, prices and videos!
Want to publish, disseminate or receive fund data and/or documents manually or automatically throughout Europe and Asia? Host a fundinfo-managed fund microsite on your website? Publish and disseminate fund videos? Monitor investor interest in your funds? Then sign up for one of our services.
For Fund Houses, the first step is to become a fundinfo member; this entitles you to all the benefits of our global Fund Publication Service. Additional services (Document Dissemination, Data Dissemination, Web Publication, Video Dissemination, Trendscout) can be subscribed to as required.
For Fund Distributors, pick our Document Feed or Data Feed service to start receiving accurate, up-to-date fund information directly from our database.
Would you like to improve and accelerate your fund selection process? Our Digital-Advisor is a powerful expert system for fund selection that finds the best funds in real time – tailor made to individual investor preferences.
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