Digital-Advisor finds the best funds in real time – tailor made to individual investor preferences.
The fund analysts at fundinfo have collected due diligence information on thousands of funds in a highly structured manner so that the information can be evaluated systematically. For all these funds, Digital-Advisor accesses quality scores, which in addition to track record, contain a wide range of objective information about the management company, team, investment process, fund structure and terms.
Satisfy the individual requirements of your clients when selecting funds! Digital-Advisor analyses which active or passive funds will benefit the client most in terms of objective quality and meeting the client's specific requirements. It then presents these to the investor along with the reasons for its choice.
With Digital-Advisor's help, you can do a quick and comprehensive screening of thousands of investment funds and ETFs based on their attributes and quality derived from access to comprehensive due diligence information.
Digital-Advisor's step-by-step analysis:
  • Digital-Advisor first analyses a fund's quality based on investor-independent criteria relating to the funds, the fund managers and the fund company.
  • Subsequently, an investor can insert subjective preferences based on values, experiences and market expectations.
  • Digital-Advisor combines the quality of a fund with the investor's subjective preferences; "quality score" and "matching" are aggregated to derive a "best fit score". Digital-Advisor does not propose the active or passive funds with the highest objective quality, rather the one that maximises individual utility to the investor.
  • The result is a ranked selection of funds including the reasons for the order. For in-depth analysis, the user receives direct access to due diligence data as well as all components of the scoring. Presentations and standard DDQs uploaded by the fund companies are also available for inspection.
  • The user can assign a rating to interesting funds and add comments in up to seven languages. This allows the creation of analyst reports, compliance reports and recommendation lists that conform to specific corporate requirements and design.
  • Access to the data as well as distribution of the analysis can be done via the tool or over an API.
Who can benefit from Digital-Advisor?
Fund analysts and portfolio managers can use Digital-Advisor to obtain within seconds a short-list of attractive funds that can then be analysed in detail together with the fund managers.
Banks can use the Digital-Advisor plug-in in their existing advisory services in order to rapidly identify funds that best reflect the CIO's current view and meet the client's specific requirements. Client advisors get a simple tool for a targeted fund selection out of an existing recommended universe.
Robo-Advisors may use the plug-in to add active funds to their existing offering and to better reflect investor preferences.
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