Disseminate your fund data in the most efficient and accurate way to all your business partners. With a single delivery to fundinfo, you address operational as well as regulatory requirements such as MiFID II and PRIIPs.

Let fundinfo do all the heavy lifting to ensure that the most up-to-date information about your funds (e.g. static data, target market and cost breakdowns) is distributed to all the relevant distributors, investors and platforms, reducing the burden on your client support team while still keeping them in control. fundinfo ensures fast and precise dissemination of your fund data to your worldwide distribution partners in a normalised, industry-standard format, openfunds, which has been developed in collaboration with leading international fund distributors.

Our Data Dissemination Service is based on a high degree of automation and constant data quality monitoring. This reduces data transmission and processing errors to an absolute minimum. Transmission of data to distributors takes place via fully automatic interfaces through http://datafeed.fundinfo.com. Through our data portal fund companies too can always view and verify their own data. This provides a new level of industry transparency, contributing to a significant increase in efficiency.

Data Dissemination also includes our "News Dissemination Service". This service allows fund managers to provide breaking news and information affecting their funds to distributors and investment advisors quickly and easily through an easy-to-use web-based CMS. Asset managers can immediately comment on the impact of current market or political events on individual funds.

For a complete service offering, Data and Document Dissemination (Factsheets, KIIDs, Prospectus, etc.) services can be combined.

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