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trendscout Fund Popularity Analysis Service

Thanks to Trendscout, you can discover in seconds how much investor interest your funds are generating.
Trendscout is a unique and powerful fund analytics tool that charts worldwide industry trends and investor preferences in seconds. The powerful graphical results reveal global investor access to over 20 million fund documents hosted on www.fundinfo.com and on the platforms of fundinfo’s business and media partners. The downloads are originate from banks, fund platforms, brokerage pools, family offices, media portals, etc. in Europe and Asia.
With the help of Trendscout, you can track the number of document views your products are generating at any time. This makes it easy to find out whether, for example, a roadshow or event has attracted additional attention to your funds. You can also easily identify which regions, sales channels, and investors' countries of origin generate the most activity. This helps you to easily monitor the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns, and to analyse investor interest in your funds as compared to competitor products in your fund’s peer group.
In addition, with Trendscout you can analyze document views (i.e. investor interest) regarding funds of your competitors. You can profit from Trendscout as it enables you to recognise investment tendencies and trends which can have crucial impact on the launch of new products, and when making strategic decisions.
The underlying data is subject to a strict filtering process. All document downloads caused by search engines, bots, test environments etc., are eliminated so that the numbers of document downloads are highly correlated with actual investor activity.
Trendscout is a web-based tool, accessible from anywhere.
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